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December 30, 2018

What’s on your bucket list?

Squad member Tom Gibson has a Bucket List. It’s a list that changes and grows depending on cheap flights, the weather and the balance of life – but he grabs the opportunities and goes for it! At the start of this month, Tom swam Bondi to Bronte a little over 3k and in September swam around Fiji for 3 days. Let’s find out more about Tom in his words:

The man and athlete

I am a director of Alex Scott and staff and the fourth generation in a fifth generation family real estate, stock and station agency based in Berwick and live in Upper Beaconsfield. I have three sons who have all just brought their first home, one is a keen swimmer and runner – you’ll meet him soon.

My first triathlon was in 1985 when I did the Datson series that then became the Nissan series and were generally 1km swims 40 Km rides and 10 km runs. I traveled around Australia competing during the eighties. My longest event was the Frankston half Ironman in the late 1980’s swimming to the pier then 90 km cycle to Rosebud and back and a 20 km run to Mt Eliza and back with a time of 4:23 hours in 16thplace. I did the Melbourne marathon in 1985 in 3 hours 27 seconds and still have tight calves from then!

Recent bucket list tick off

With my love of swimming, running and riding I’ve always tried not to lose my swim fitness when on vacation. Searching for my next goal and vacation location, I came across a swimcation, in Fiji – three one or three km swims in three days in this tropical location. I had six months preparation after a shoulder injury. I arrived to a welcome dinner and met 200 other swimmers most with families and friends, mainly from New Zealand and others from around the world. Most staying at the Sofitel hotel at Denarau, near Nadi airport.

I came 4th in my age group 50-59, but it wasn’t about where you came but participating in the challenges and enjoying the time on the beach with so many people with a common interest.

A great well run event with many social functions and an awards night on the beach with dancers and fire show. Great to do on your own but better with your family. I stayed on to scuba diver snorkel and explore more islands.. I would highly recommend you put this on your bucket list! Check it out the website: Ocean Swim Fiji . 5 Days, 3 Swims, 0 Worries. Only 200 spaces left, filling up fast. Don’t miss out on this fun ocean swimming event in beautiful Fiji

What’s 2019 hold?

Ask Tom to find out, you’ll find him at the squad swims swimming away dreaming about his next swimcation.

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